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    I have just created a new template (incidentally based on an old template). For this new template, none of the keyboard shortcuts work when I call the macros! I can call the macro using either the normal word Alt+F8 option or putting the macro on a toolbar. For the old template shortcut keys work fine - I am actually calling the same macro in both template.

    For example, I have set up a macro to toggle the 'Keep with next' for a paragraph by clicking Alt+K. This is exactly same in both template. It works in one (original) but not the new one!.

    Any ideas?
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    A few perhaps obvious questions:

    How did you create the new template from the old template? If you either did a Save As from the old template, or perhaps copied it as a file in Windows Explorer, then I'd expect both the macros and the keyboard customizations to come across from the old template, into the new one.

    If on the other hand, you did something like create a new template and then copy the macros from the old template into the new template, then the keyboard customizations from the old template wouldn't be available in the new template.

    Hard to tell from the screenshot 'cause it's cut off at the bottom, but in the new template, did you save the keyboard customization to the new template?


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