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    Hello guys! First, b4 I forget, thank you SO much for your "dummies" books, and this forum! You are all so kind and I appreciate your allowing us to pick your brain!
    OK, I have 2 questions, the first is to ask if you have a specific recommendation for a router to buy for my wireless system. I do have your vista for dunmies book and borrowed my friend's networking book, and I think I understand what you meant about the a/b/ routers and by comparison the G seemed to operate much more effectively for most people and their setups. I don't have a more recent book, so I couldnt find what you thought of the N router. Here is my issue and perhaps you can recommend one better for me. I won't go into the horrid mess that certain "geek squad" made of the setup, called as a last resort when the inclosed discs wouldnt read my ethernet cable at all. I couldnt afford it, as Im on a fixed small disability income, but im home all the time due to this, and luckily my son in germany military helped out, just so we can stay in contact. The guys left and before they were at end of the block, i had no signal. Called them back many times, they said, nothing wrong when they were here, but it was very intermittant, to which they said, well, that is due to the 64 bit issue of your pc. THey actually took off their truck a linksys plus router and said i had to buy it on the spot or they couldnt help, (ive luckily finaly gotten it refunded once linksys workd with me remotely and determined the router as a dud. But from what I understand, that router is supposed to be great for a,b,g,and n wifi. I cant keep a signal for the 10 feet, and no walls, for very long, and when i do, it is between an excellent when hard wired, but once its on battery where i sit on couch, as it is the only place i can sit comfortably due to injury, then i get signals of fair to poor. Linksys themselves said this was ridiculous, had me do tons of resetting, nothing worked. They called the store and said it was a bad product and to replace it. But after looking in your book, I wonder if you can recommend a better router for my system. In any case, im not getting the replacement at the same store!
    I have vista, its a new pc, toshiba saqtelite p305d-s8900. (4gb/320hd/amd processor). All the security is set correctly, but the neighbor who is 2 blocks away has as good of signal as me! lol. THey tried to blame it off on cordless phones, etc, but everything is sitting where it always was, when i had good results before. So, ideas on another router that might work better for me? oh, im on cable, and they did come out and check things and im getting a great signal from them. Should be able to get 5 bars/excellent at 10 ft away!!

    Also, I was looking through some of your posts, and I am wondering if I should wait to upgrade to IE8, as I notice there is always a few months where all ther problems come out. I was one of the poor saps who on my old xp system got stuck in that svc pack 3 upgrade endless boot loop. So, I dont trust upgrades, especially beta, at least for awhile. Ive upgraded all other important windows DLs though. Also I keep my temp files and cookies, and all that clean; i run nortons, usually no issues. Sorry this is long, Ive had a stroke recently and tend to forget things, so I try to give all info aqt once, while i am thinking of it. sorry! The pc seems good, and I was told by many that my router settings were all correct, so should i try the same router again,,, hoping it was indeed just a bad one... or do you have a better one to suggest for this setup? I cant sit by the modem and use it, it just hurts too much; but i should be able to get a great signal here 10 feet away. .

    Thank you all so very much!!!!! One last question, the stores always want to offer to remove the trial versions of junk they put on the pc for a hefty fee; I said no, I know how to do a remove program; and also how to check what is in my startup. But they tried to say to me that these trial programs go deeper than that, and i really need them to do it, as it effects the registry, etc. Are they feeding me a line?? Thank you again for all you do for all of us!!! Take care!!

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    The only advice I would give you is keep it simple and dont complicate matters. In my experience any well known make of router will do the job dont get the cheapest but likewise nor the dearest. Just decide what you want to do and get the one that does it. Internet Explorer 8 has been around long enough now to show that it's no more problematic than any other browser...go for it. Good luck, plenty of others will be along to offer good advice soon I'm sure.

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    One possible cause of poor wireless network performance is interference from other things that transmit on the same frequency.

    The following things all use similar frequencies and can interfere with each other:
    • 802.11b wireless networks
    • 802.11g wireless networks
    • DECT cordless phones
    • Bluetooth
    802.11n wireless networks also uses the same frequencies, but they are less sensitive to interference from other devices.

    802.11a uses completely different frequencies.

    Try to make sure that no devices that might be interfering are too close to either your wireless access point or your PC.

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