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    OK, hopefully I can explain this well....I have three reports a daily breakdown, which is the main report, and then a weekly and monthly roll-up which are subreports within the daily report. I setup conditional formatting on all 3 reports for about 16 metrics,a nd when you view the individual reports the foramtting works correctly, but when I view the main report with the 2 subreports included some of the conditional formatting back color is grey disappears. I have tried numerous things including using vba to set formatting instead of just the conditional formatting box, and trying to do the formatting on the main report and the individual reports, but nothing will show the correct formatting for all three sections on the combined report. any ideas?

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    Welcome to the Lounge!

    I've moved your question to a new topic, since it's not really a follow-up to Conditional formatting.

    Could you post a stripped down copy of your database?
    • Make a copy of the database and work with that.
    • Remove all database objects (tables, queries, forms, reports, macros and modules) that are not relevant to the problem.
    • In the remaining table(s), remove most records - leave only the minimum number necessary to demonstrate the problem.
    • Remove or modify data of a confidential nature.
    • Perform a compact and repair (Tools/Database Utilities).
    • Make a zip file containing the database.
    • If you have difficulties getting the zip file reasonably small, save the database in Access 97 format and then zip it. (Of course, this only helps if you're using Access 2000 or later.)
    • Attach the zip file to a reply.

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