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    This is just a curiosity now since I cleared the problem by closing and restarting Excel, but yesterday I opened a workbook containing a lookup list and certain cells that use Data Validation pointing to the list to provide the user with a drop-down list of values for selection. I changed the bits I needed to and then clicked in one of the "validated" cells expecting to see a drop-down arrow but it did not appear! Checking other cells suggested that the validation setting had been lost everywhere!

    I put this down to an end-user error by someone using the file before me but then tried a couple of other workbooks which I knew had validation set - they exhibited the same problem.

    I couldn't think of a quick workaround, but closing and restarting Excel cleared the problem - if I reopened the files, the drop-down arrows were displayed!!

    Has anyone seen this happen before or know of a setting or combination of circumstances I should have checked?


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    I don't think the validation really disappeared. It looks like the part of Excel that processes validation had come unstuck in memory - perhaps a bit fell over. By quitting and restarting Excel, this part was freshly loaded into memory again.

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