Have just installed Publisher 2003 from my Office 2003 Professional CD. Current Office program (not yet reinstalled after Publisher install) is Office 2007 Home and Student. I can't get any color choice on the business card design originally created back before upgrading to Office 2007.

Any ideas on what the problem is and how to fix it? Would installing the whole Office 2003 program help? I didn't install the whole suite as I was nervous about having 2 Office Suites running on one laptop!

PS Update on this color issue: it was my problem all along so here is FYI what I discovered (this is what happens when you use a program you haven't used for over 2 years and are a bit rusty!). After seeking help from the Woody's Lounge forum with no success and via Google, and being sure the issue had to do with Office 2003 on a Vista machine, I uninstalled and reinstalled and update and restarted - all to no avail. Finally, found the answer in the Help section of Publisher (once I posed the question correctly) and discovered I had set the color scheme when I prepared card for printing. Here are the instructions that allowed me to get back the color palette:
On the Tools menu, point to Commercial Printing Tools, and then click Color Printing.
Under Define all colors as, select Any color (RGB) Best for desktop printers. Click OK.

That worked and all is well - at last!