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    Hello -
    I am trying to change a line on a graph. I want the green line which represents the KPI target not to show a gradual increase from 4.1 to 4.5 but rather a discrete increase (vertical line) at 1/1/2009 to represent the new target effective on that date. Any suggestions? I am using Excel 2000 but have Excel 2003 (and perhaps 2007) available.


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    You can't do that with a line chart, but it's possible with an XY scatter chart. Since an XY chart has a numeric X axis, not a category axis, you need a bit of trickery to display the category labels. I used a dummy series plotted as a line chart for this purpose, and fiddled with the primary and secondary axes.

    See the attached sample workbook (created in Excel 2002).
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