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    Access data in Visio

    Anyone know of a way to incorporate data from an Access 97/2000 db into a Visio 2000 floorplan as object labels?
    I have a very detailed floorplan of my office with each workstation drawn. I also have an Access database of each PC and user in my office and where they are located. I would like to merge the info so that my floorplan would have what PC and user is located at each workstation.

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    Re: Access data in Visio

    Have you explored the Tools-->Macros-->Visio Extras selections? Selecting the Database Wizard from that list will allow you to create drawings that are graphical representations of database tables.

    There are sample databases that come with Visio for things like office layouts and network diagrams, so you can examine those to see how the connection between the two programs operates.

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