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    I need a drop down list in an Excel 2003 spreadsheet so that I can choose from a list of names. I've created a combo box which works fine except that it doesn't grow or shrink when the row grows (or shrinks). How do I make the combo box stay in the cell just like it is (or resize when the cell gets taller or wider)?

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    The easiest way to create a dropdown list is through Data | Validation..., with List as Allow option.

    A combo box (dropdown list) from the Forms toolbar does not have a setting to be resized automatically.

    A combo box (dropdown list) from the Control Toolbox can be set to resize:
    - Make sure that you're in Design Mode (the first button on the Control Toolbox is "on").
    - Right-click the combo box.
    - Select Format Control... from the popup menu.
    - Activate the Properties tab.
    - Select "Move and size with cells".
    - Click OK.

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