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    Woody, are you there? How do we get MS to wake up to the seriousness of this bug.

    The bug is well documented here:

    and is a result of the June 8th, 2009 patches.

    The patch breaks document variables when Word 2007 saves as .dotx
    It is not a problem if you save as .doc


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    Welcome to the Lounge!

    Although this board is named after Woody (Leonhard), the boss himself is not online frequently. If you want to reach him, you can send an e-mail to woody at ask woody dot com (remove the spaces and replace "at" and "dot" with @ and .)

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    There is a fix to this problem -- Microsoft has issued a hotfix:

    It doesn't admit to fixing this particular problem, but it does.

    The KB969604 causes Word 2007 to write utter crap into the docVar elements of the settings.xml file in the Word folder of the ZIP package. Meanwhile, the in-memory version is still fine, so you don't discover the problem until you next open it. Needless to say, if your document variables have been crapped on already, the hot fix won't correct them. Backup is your friend.

    The skinny on other boards is that this isn't likely to be part of an official patch until Office 2007 SP3.

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