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    Searching In Word (Word 97)

    We have several folks in our office who routinely "Find" words within their documents and often, their search direction changes from "All" to "Up". I have discovered that when you press Ctrl+Home and then execute the "find" feature, the search direction changes to "Up". Does anyone know what other circumstances will cause the direction of the search to change from "All" to "Up"?

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    Re: Searching In Word (Word 97)

    Sorry I don't know the answer to this one but I'd sure like to hear an explanation... my problem though, is that is suddenly changes from "all" to "down". I've always seen it as a random act and minor annoyance. <img src=/S/shrug.gif border=0 alt=shrug width=39 height=15>
    Good question.
    have fun

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    Re: Searching In Word (Word 97)

    Hi Barbara:

    I can't check Word 97 right now, but I haven't noticed a difference between 97 & 2000 in this regard. When you first start Word & do a Find:

    1. If no text is selected, the default is ALL.
    2. If text is selected, the default is DOWN.
    3. Once the dialog box is open & remains open, the direction can only be changed manually. That is, if you click outside the box & select or deselect text, the direction in the Find box remains the same, no matter where it was last set.
    4. There is no situation where the dialog box defaults to UP initially. You have to change it manually. It will then remain there until you close the dialog box. When you reopen Find, the direction will remain UP, whether or not text is first selected.

    If you manually change the direction to DOWN or ALL & close the dialog box, the first two rules will again apply. That is, only UP seems to be a manual setting that sticks between closing & reopening Find.

    Regardless of whether you use Ctrl+Home or any other navigation keys, the above 2 "rules" will apply. If you manually change the dialog box to ALL, the above rules will apply.

    I'd be curious if anyone has gotten different results than I have.

    Hope this helps.

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