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    I have an excel sheet with 2 columns of data - all text rather than numeric. The first column contains 4 different text values: A, IO PO and S. The second column either contains a Y or a blank. I would like to count the number of Ys in the second column against the 4 categories in the first column - ie for those recorded as A in the 1st column, how many of these recorded Y in the second column?

    Should I be using an array formula, or some version of COUNTIF?


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    If you're using Excel 2007, you can use the new COUNTIFS function. For example, if your data are in A2:B100:


    In Excel 2003 and before, you have to use a different method. For example, if your data are in A2:B100:


    This is a "normal" formula, not an array formula (the array aspect is implicit in SUMPRODUCT).

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