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    Importing a list into Autocorrect (Word 2000)

    Is there a way to add a list of autocorrect entries, say in table format or as a .csv file, into the Autocorrect feature of Word 2000? I have quite a few in a list that I would like to add, but doing it one by one seems so time consuming.

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    Re: Importing a list into Autocorrect (Word 2000)


    There is a macro that came with Word that does this, but you don't want to use it because it has a bug. Instead, go to <A target="_blank" HREF=> How can I import and export all my AutoCorrect entries, so they can be transferred to another machine?</A> on the MVP website and download their fixed macro. Along the way, you'll get instructions on how to use it.

    The macro does create a table in a Word document, by the way. For more information about AutoCorrect follow the designated links at <A target="_blank" HREF=> Web Resources - AutoText - AutoCorrect - AutoFormat</A>.

    Hope this helps.
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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    Re: Importing a list into Autocorrect (Word 2000)

    Thanks for the help. I had seen this mentioned in an earlier post regarding a question about autocorrect/autotext but I wasn't sure it would apply to what I wanted to do.
    I'll check it out.
    Thanks again!

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    Re: Importing a list into Autocorrect (Word 2000)

    Hi Bert524,

    You can use the Backup utility as Charles mentioned, create a Backup, add your entries to the table that results, and then use the Restore command to merge the entries back in.

    However you are still going to have to do a little typing and include the word False for each entry you add to indicate it is a plain text AutoCorrect entry.

    It might be just as easy to:
    * Go to Tools/AutoCorrect
    * Type your replace characters
    * Press <Tab>
    * Type your With characters
    * Press <Enter> to Add
    * Repeat as needed
    Cheers! <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Importing a list into Autocorrect (Word 2000)

    Hi! Thanks for your input. I can't believe how helpful and friendly everyone is on this forum. I have been on other forums where nobody ever replies.

    I bookmarked it as one of my Favorites and will be checking in often!


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