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    Hi, all. I know this may not be a simple question, but I figured someone here could at least get me started.

    Basically, I was wondering how best to "push out" certain Word settings for our users. The settings in question are basically those found in Word 2007's "Word Options." We set folks up with the necessary styles and formatting by distributing a standard Normal, but the rest of the settings are obviously stored elsewhere. Barring an SMS push from the digit-heads in IT, is there a hunk of the registry or something that could be used to accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Messing with the registry is tricky, because Word's most important settings are stored in binary values that cannot easily be interpreted or modified. Copying those values from your registry to someone else's is likely to copy personal settings to.

    You could do the following instead:

    - Start recording a new macro.
    - Click the Office button, and select Word Options...
    - Click each of the items in the bar on the left hand side in turn.
    - If necessary, change settings.
    - Finally, click OK.
    - Stop recording the macro.
    - Now go into the Visual Basic Editor.
    - Edit the macro that you recorded.
    - For example, remove the lines that specify your personal info (you wouldn't want ALL employees to use that!)
    - Distribute the macro to your users, for example in Normal.dotm (the .dotm extension is needed because of the macro) or in an add-in.

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    [quote name='Mesaka' post='780352' date='17-Jun-2009 12:13']Basically, I was wondering how best to "push out" certain Word settings for our users.[/quote]
    If Group Policy is not going to happen, how about a login script? If you use the macro recorder as Hans describes, you can identify the property assignments you need. Then you could drop them into a .vbs file as described in Post 639817.

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