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    I'm attaching a Word doc with screen shots to illustrate my question here.

    Apparently in Outlook 2003, when you set up a task with a Start Date/End Date and a reminder noting a time within that Date, then Outlook saw the "time due" as whatever you had the reminder time set as (i.e. if you had 06/19/2009 as date due; and then a reminder set for 06/19/2009 at 10 AM, then when 10 AM rolled around and the reminder popped up, it would say "due now"!) If the task had [None] as the Start Date/End Date, but there was a reminder attached, it would also see the Reminder time as the Time Due on the pop-up Reminder window.

    Now in Outlook 2007 tasks, it appears that if you use the [None] selection on Start Date/End Date fields, and set a Reminder date/time, it behaves as it used to, with the reminder popping up at the appropriate time and saying "due now!". HOWEVER, if you set a Start Date/End Date for the item, the reminder comes up at the right time, but says the "due time" is 5 PM of the Start Date day. They have somehow severed the relationship between the Start Date/End Date timestamp and the Reminder timestamp. So if the reminder pops up at 10 AM, it says the task is due "in 7 hours".

    Do you know if this is by design, and if so, why? Do you know if there is a way to change the "default due time" of tasks using a Start Date/End Date?

    Can some of you with Outlook 2007 test this on yours as well, and see if it is universal (just in case it is something within our Exchange server causing this)?

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