I received an email overnight from WinZip saying that Version 12.1 has been released. One of the things that's new is support for the .ZIPX format.

Here: WinZip® 12.1 -- What's New

I tried making a Zip file from a group of .PNG files using the old (12.0) and then, after installing the update, with 12.1. The resultant file was about 4% smaller with the new version. I guess that's something, if you were making very large zip files.

On the other hand, with the old version, I could create self-extracting .EXE files but that won't work with a .ZIPX file. That's a bummer if one plans on sending files to someone who may not have WinZip. However, it WILL still create the self-extracting files if you use the "legacy" compression format.