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    In Word 2002 SP3, I have a client who sent me a document with a lot of paragraphs beginning in mid sentence. Obviously she was using her keyboard as a typewriter, hitting enter every time she saw she was coming to the end of a line. I've cleared out a lot of these stray paragraph marks, but I know there are more there. How would I phrase a search string to find a paragraph mark followed by a lower case word and then replace it with find what text, eliminating the paragraph mark? Thanks.

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    Most people that do this use two consecutive paragraph marks to leave a blank line when they want a real paragraph break.

    If this has been done then you can replace ^p^p with a recognisable string such as REAL-PARA-BREAK-HERE. Then replace ^p with space and finally replace REAL-PARA-BREAK-HERE with ^p.

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