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    Hi, Hans has shown me a way to count the unique occurence of an ID where it's displayed many times in a query and hence a report. The solution was to create a text box, set the source to =1 then to set as a running sum. This solved my problem becuase i needed a count of the individual occurence, however my problem has escalated a little since in that I need the count at a group level. So say I have an adviser who can have three types of sale A, B and C , my report is grouped by adviser, then sale type with the respective sale in its type. The total sales is in the footer and where the unique Id counting explained by Hans comes into it's own. However on the second agent name, his total footer shows a running overall total, i.e. his sales and that of the previous agent. Is there a solution to this?

    Thanks, Darren.

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    Try setting the Running Sum property of the text box to Over Groups instead of Over All.

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