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    How do you change the default font and language settings, so they continue to show up as default even when you turn of the computer.

    We have set the default text to Trebuchet MS, however when we shut down the computer Microsoft Word, re-sets the default text to Vedanra. Same with language, when we set it to UK, it changes it back to US when it restarts

    any ideas?

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    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Word uses a default template for new documents. To find it, make sure that you display the address bar in Windows Explorer, enter


    in the address bar and press Enter. The default template is stored in this folder.
    Right-click and select Open from the popup menu (note that this is not the default action, so you should *not* double-click
    You can now modify the styles, page setup, etc. the way you want.
    If you enter any text to test things out, please delete it before saving the template, unless you want that text to come up in ALL new documents.
    Finally save and close

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