Mdb's which where functioning until today flawlessly suddenly show following misbehavour:
I am using a switchboard and if one of the buttons is pressed the error "......contains the name of a function which can not be found" (something like this, this is a translation from german) appears. In the event "OnClick" is not the standard [Eventprocedure] instead there is the call to a function in the form ( =HandleButtonClick()).

Macros in the db which contain "ExecuteCode" break with an error that it can't find the function it should execute. But the code is present.

If I want to use an wizard Access tells me that the wizard is not installed, despite that it is.

This happens not just to one mdb it happens to all of them and the same mdb transfered to an PC with WIN98SE function as they should.

Following has not solved the problem : Repair of Office, de- and new-install of Office, re-install of W2K, removing and newinstall of the wizard files, decompile, import in new mdb.....

I am lost <img src=/S/brickwall.gif border=0 alt=brickwall width=25 height=15>

I asume that there is some gitch in the registry, but what and where ??? Any suggestions ?