Four of the things that have happened recently in my vicinity:

1) I was complaining to someone that my front-door lock was sticking.
"Hmmm," the person said, "it's probably suffering from rigor mortise..."!

2) the notorious mud which comes after heavy rain has again been observed at the iconic British pop festival at Glastonbury. (pictures from 2007)
Someone commented, "one squalor doesn't make a summer"!

3) I was remote-controlling someone's PC today (CrossLoop, since you ask!), because she was getting streaky lines on the printed page, and I wanted to find the Epson printer toolkit utility. She was writing a letter to a firm, asking for assistance. One of the sentences read:
"Please could you help a damson in distress."
I said to her, "Clearly you are giving someone a plum job..."!

4) I was corresponding with an administrator at the local hospital about some matter. Her name was Mary Farmer. However, the email naming convention of the National Health Service is to have the surname first.
So her reply appeared to come from Farmer Mary...
I haven't yet plucked up courage to ask if she has any agricultural blood in her veins.