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    I have created a template in Word 2003 that now seems to be corrupt. When I open it, it says "Word was unable to read this document. It may be corrupt". Try one or more of the following: Open and Repair the file..." (Screen shot attached).

    So I open it up via Open and Repair, and it gives me the attached Show Repairs dialogue box. I don't seem to be able to Go To the errors even when I select them -- the Go To button remains grayed out.

    Firstly, are the listed errors serious?

    Secondly, what's the best way way to fix this?

    I have copied the contents into a new document and created a template based on the new document, but this doesn't seem to be a permanent solution as the errors came back last time I did this. Would I need to re-build the template?

    Many thanks,
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    These error messages are very frustrating since Word doesn't tell you what causes the problem and where in the document it is located.
    It might be best to rebuild the template. You can copy text from the old template as long as you use Edit | Paste Special with the Plain Text option to paste, so that you don't transfer any formatting (which may be corrupt).

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    And be sure not to copy the very last paragraph symbol from the bad template, since (apparently) the last paragraph in a document often stores the corruption.


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