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    Afternoon all

    I have been told to make a corporate email signature which I have done and sent it out to all of our worldwide offices, I have now received some emails back sayin that they use Vista on their machines and my instructions do not work, these are the instructions I have given out for XP

    • Click on the above graphic to select it.
    • Press Ctrl-C. (to copy the graphic to the clipboard)
    • Now select Tools | Options... from the main Outlook window's menu. (minimise this window first)
    • Go to the Mail Format tab.
    • Click Signatures... under Signatures.
    • Click New....
    • Give the new signature a name.
    • Click Next >.
    • Press Ctrl-V to paste your signature in the Signature text entry field.
    • Click Finish.
    • Now click OK.
    • If you have just created your first signature, Outlook has automatically made it the default automatically inserted for new messages. To use it for replies as well, which I recommend, select it under Signature for replies and forwards:, click OK to exit

    Can anybody using Vista tell me what steps are changed in the above.


    Asking the questions everbody wants the answers too but feels too stupid to ask themselves :-)

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    What email program are they using on these Vista machines?
    They may NOT have installed Outlook, or the machines came with Outlook 2007.

    Vista does NOT make changes to Outlook.

    Vista does NOT have Outlook Express, but Windows mail?

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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