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    Referencing Fields Programatically (Project 2000)

    I need to be able to change references to task fields that are being used on the fly (as a result of user input) and I don't want to have to hard code every possible option.

    For example, How do I make the reference to ".Duration1" etc in the following code via VBA assuming that I have the field name in a string variable called strFieldName.

    For Each oTask In ActiveSelection.Tasks
    If Not oTask.Summary Then
    oTask.Duration1 = oTask.Duration3 * oMinPercent
    oTask.Duration2 = oTask.Duration3 * oMaxPercent
    End If
    Next oTask

    Thanks in advance.

    Warren James

    PS I have cross-posted to the Project forum as I wasn't sure which was the best/right place to put this.

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    Re: Referencing Fields Programatically (Project 2000)


    While I don't know about project, this is how I might code accessing elements in a collection- where I want to access other elements in the collection- in Word:<pre>For i = 1 To ActiveDocument.FormFields.Count
    Set ff = ActiveDocument.FormFields(i)
    If ff.Result = "A" Then
    ActiveDocument.FormFields(i + 1).Result = "B"
    ActiveDocument.FormFields(i + 2).Result = "C"
    End If

    It is also possible to use the "Next" property (if applicable):<pre>For Each ff In ActiveDocument.FormFields
    If ff.Result = "A" Then
    ff.Next.Result = "B"
    ff.Next.Next.Result = "C"
    End If

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