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    I have a Word 2003 table that needs to be sorted in date order. Some dates are formatted 00/00/000 and some are 03/00/2003. Others include the entire date (i.e., 01/01/2001). I want the dates sorted in ascending order with the 00/00/0000s at the bottom and the /00/ dates sorted in the appropriate month and year. Any thoughts on this??


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    Since not all entries are valid dates, Word isn't able to sort them correctly. Someone else may well come up with a solution in Word, but I'd use Excel:
    - Format the first column of an Excel worksheet as text.
    - Copy the table in Word, then use Edit | Paste Special... with the text option to paste it into the Excel worksheet (starting at A1).
    - Enter formulas in B11:

    In B1: =RIGHT(A1,4)+9999*(RIGHT(A1,4)="0000")
    In C1: =1*LEFT(A1,2)
    In D1: =1*MID(A1,4,2)

    - The 9999 is used to sort 00/00/0000 at the bottom
    - You may have to format the result as General if Excel automatically formats them as text.
    - Fill down.
    - Click anywhere in the table.
    - Select Data | Sort...
    - Sort on column B, then column C and finally on column D, with no heading row.
    - Copy the data in column A and use Edit | Paste Special... as unformatted text into Word.

    See the attached demo workbook.
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