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    Determine /Convert /Import old Ex\change/ Outlook (Unknown)

    A friend of mine has her PST saved on CD from an old job. She recently installed Outlook 2000 on her home PC, but was unable to open the old PST file. (It comes up with some error about being password protected, but she insists that it never had one.)

    Anyone know how to determine what version of Outlook or Exchange the PST and PAB are?
    Is there a way to convert or import the information into Outlook 2000?

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    Re: Determine /Convert /Import old Ex\change/ Outlook (Unknown)

    If it has been saved to CD, there is the likelihood it is set as Read-Only.
    Copy the pst to a hard drive, right_mouse Properties, and deselect 'Read-only'.
    Do you have access to it now?

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