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    Auto Dialing Nuisance

    Not sure what category this problem comes under but I am being plagued by some program that insists on activating rasauto.exe every few minutes when I am not connected resulting in a dialup dialogue box constantly interrupting my work. I have checked that it is not coming through the internet in any way and I have Zone Alarm Pro activated and it shows no alerts. I can see it pop up in Task Manager but I can't find out the culprit program that is activating it. Any ideas what might be activating it or how I can find what is so I can de-activate it?


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    Re: Auto Dialing Nuisance

    There is a discussion on expected processes to be running <A target="_blank" HREF= w=&sb=&o=&vc=1>here</A> - is there anything else you can see in TaskManager that could possibly be triggering a dialup?
    It's not something silly like Outlook set to check for mail every x minutes?
    IE has a setting to check for updates.

    Otherwise, many programs are set (by default) to check for updates. These may not necessarily be every x minutes, but, say, every 2 weeks. As you are cancelling the dialup, it is simply re-trying. Progs that come to mind are various AV software and RealPlayer.

    Finally, search out Ad-Aware in the Software forum - there may just be something lurking on your system.

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