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    Would like to set my 'new document' in Word to have a blue page all the time, but when I save that color to the normal.dotm, it does not keep that formatting change.

    How can I save that change to the normal.dotm?

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    Previous versions of Word (up to and including Word 2003) had a "Blue background, white text" setting for compatibility with WordPerfect; this setting was stored in the registry, not in the Normal template.
    This setting is not available any more in Word 2007 (see: Changes in Office Word 2007).

    The background color that you can set in a document is used in web layout view only, it disappears in other views.

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    Are you talking about screen view or print (or other) output? The heading colours, for example, print in the same colour as they are shown in screen view. If you want a blue page and have a colour printer, I can't imagine why you couldn't have a blue page with yellow text if you want it. If you insert a picture it will print in full colour if your printer supports it. You did refer to it as a 'formatting change'.

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