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    A friend has an external hard drive with data and movies on it. He got it from his son who later found out that his computer was infected with trojan horses and other malware. My friend thinks that the external hard drive is infected as he tried to watch the movies and his computer ended up being infected. I have helped him clean his system up but now the question is how to clean up the external hard drive. He wants to delete everything on the external hard drive but is afraid if he connects it to his system, he will just end up being infected again.

    How can you format an external hard drive that may be infected with malware?

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    As long as you don't open anything on the hard disk you should be safe.

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    As Hans said, it should not cause any harm to connect the drive to the system. Your friend could then run his full arsenel of AV and anti-malware programs on just that drive and clean out any infections.

    If his system is properly updated and protected by AV, anti-malware and a firewall then he shouldn't have gotten infected by anything on the other drive in the first place. Just warned that it was infected or the file he was using was infected.
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