The VNC product has been updated and can be downloaded from UltraVnc download manager.

From the download page:


** v1.0.6.4 Release
-Gui fix
-FT fix

** v1.0.6.3 Release

Viewer changes:
- Gui lock while reconnect fixed
- Removed flasher ( unused code )
- Rab order fixed in dialogs
- Crash on exit fixed
- Cursor with scaling fixed

Server changes:
- Fixed unload video driver and xp64
- Fixed settings overwriting with default when tempfile was write protected
- Added messagebox uncheck for runas when ultravnc.ini is not writable
- Added sc_prompt as command line option
- Added sc_exit as command line option
- Removed some logging, to many messages
- Fixed locks when fast user switching between winlogon and desktop change
- Added back a timeout, service need to give OS time to switch the desktop
- Screen updates engine changed. Now uses events instead of windows messages
- Moved engine updates sink to seperate cpp file
- Tab order fixed in dialogs
- Fixed crash monitor switch when second monitor is bigger
- Added maxcpu setting

** v1.0.5.7.x

- Fixed locking issue
- Screen updates engine partially rewritten

** v1.0.5.7

Viewer changes:
- Fixed mslogon + DsmPlugin not asking user/passwd
- DsmPlugin reverse path for dsmplugin set to %TEMP% (fixes Vista error)

Server changes:
- Added -sc command line option
- Server exits on viewer's disconnection fixed
- Server now remains connected on desktop change (like uac)
Still can't be controled because winvnc running as application
doesn't have permission, but the remote person can do
the task and get full control back when UAC popups or when
elevated window is closed.
- Added reverse connection accept (like in old sc)
usage: winvnc.exe -sc -run

Performance changes:
- There was an issue that viewer sometimes looked frozen. Fixed
But fixing this issue caused very fast server/viewer update requests,
pushing the cpu too high on server..
- CPU throttle added, so winvnc usage stay below 40%
- Idle detection added to lower cpu when desktop is static
- Tweaks for older cpu to keep the cpu lower
- vnclog fixed, was using cpu even when not enabled

Usage box updated:
-run needs to be the last uption

- Reverse connection and running as service fixed
- Added service_commandline = -autoreconnect
- Dual logon box fixed

- XP64 mirror driver added
- Fixed mirror driver disabling on viewer disconnection

- Added extra check
When changing settings the runas dialog asks for permission to make
changes, default is NO.. a popup tells you this in case a permission
is denied"