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    I have a VBA program in an Excel wrapper that correlates resource calendar non-working times in a common resource pool with entries in a series of Exchange (Outlook) Public folder calendars and the Global Address List (GAL) and presents the data in a spreadsheet for consumption by individual project resource allocation spreadsheets.
    The section that retrieves the resource pool data loops through the resources, then through the months in the target range (usually a year), then through all the days in that month to test if that is a non-working day. We have about 150 resources and this takes a while. Is there a faster way to work through the data? I could skip weekends, but can't think of anything else. Is there a way of looping through the months/days and then the resources for entries on that day?

    Stu Boasman
    Toronto, Canada

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    Reposted in the VB/VBA forum as Post 786627. To prevent confusion and duplication, this topic is closed. Please post replies in the new topic.

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