I'm fairly new to using a resource pool, but I have two questions:
1. Working time is used to define vacations and holidays. It looks like the one resource pool will be in existence more-or-less forever as multiple projects overlap in time. Should I be concerned with the size of the resource pool file after several years? How would I go about cleaning out old entries?
2. Holidays are fun too; I have set up the year's holidays in the standard base calendar, then imported the resources from the address book, referencing the standard calendar. This is great, all the resources now show those holidays and I go ahead and add individual resources vacation to their calendar. Looking ahead to next year, I will want to add the 2010 holidays, but as I understand it, the first time you change an individual calendar it just copies the base calendar and goes from there, any further changes to the base has no impact except on new (no prior changes) resources. So, to make a short story long, what's the best way (or any way) to put the next set of holiday into the 150+ individual resource calendars?

Stu Boasman
Toronto, Canada