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    Autotextlist Field Working Intermittently

    (Word 97, SR-2) I created a global template that is copied down each day to all users. Inside the global template, I created a style called RKC for storing autotext entries. I created numerous autotext entries in the RKC style. I have created numerous forms with the autotextlist field that pull up the RKC autotext entries. Sometimes this feature works and sometimes it doesn't. If you close out of Word and come back in, the autotextlist field works in all documents, however, some time later decides to quit working.

    I have noticed this strange behavior in one of Word's other features, namely the Mark Citation box. Sometimes when you pull up the Mark Citations box, the category list is grayed out and you get no selections. If you close out Word and come back in, this is fixed. I give you this other example because these two features seem to quit working at the same time. I will say that the autotextlist feature worked fine until we rolled out some Y2K updates in December 1999. Although the remedy to each of these problems is to just close Word and reopen it, our users are constantly complaining about these features. Please advise if there is something I can do to remedy this. Thank you any assistance you can give.

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    Re: Autotextlist Field Working Intermittently

    Sorry you're post sat for so long unanswered. When your autotext and the mark citations quit working, have you checked to verify what templates are attached to your document? It appears as if Word has lost it's focus on your custom template. If so, t may be a matter of adding a macro to [shudder] that reactivates your global template.

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