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    MailMerge: Adding Additional Fields (Word 2000, SR1)

    I've tried the mail merge feature several times using instructions from Ed & Woody's "Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2000". I need to create a letter that has MANY fields in the body of the letter, i.e., past due amounts, payment schedule, account rep name, etc. However, it appears that I'm limited to the predefined merge field names, title, firstname, lastname, Address1, etc. How do I insert additional merge field names?

    Would like to keep this project limited to Word or Word and Excel. (Someone mentioned I might have to use Access for this scenario.)

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    Re: MailMerge: Adding Additional Fields (Word 2000, SR1)

    If your source data has headings, they should be picked up when you hit Insert-Merge Field because that's where they come from.

    If you created your mail merge project using Word as the data source, then you may want to reconsider that. I find it easier to use Excel as a data source. In order to do that, open your data source and click right inside one of your table cells. Hit Table-Select table, copy it and open Excel and hit paste. You'll want to autofit your columns, etc. Save it. Put your new data columns into the Excel file.

    One of the rules (just in case) for a mailmerge data source is that the first row must be headings, and the second row must be your first record, 3rd row must be 2nd record, and so on.

    Anyway, it's NOT required that you put your data source in Excel, but if you want your new field names to be added to the Insert-Merge field list, they must be added to the data source.

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    Re: MailMerge: Adding Additional Fields (Word 2000, SR1)


    I want to go beyond Dreamboat's answer - maybe a slight disagreement. Notice the hedging - I would never totally disagree.

    As far as the field headings go, you do need to have them somewhere. But they could also be the first row of a Word table if that's where your data is. It wouldn't make much difference. However, you also said you will have lots of fields. In that case, it probably is easier to work in Excel since you can see your fields just with scrolling. A word table with Many fields (cols) is always a nightmare to work with (at least for me) even in landscape mode. There comes a point where you can't see any more columns.

    In Word, you have several options for the data source. One is to use an existing data source (Open Data Source). That's where Dreamboat's suggestion comes from. Certainly, if it exists, you should use it.

    However, you also have the option to create a data source in Word. I assume that's where you're seeing the fields of title, etc. You are NOT limited to these. Notice on the left of the list there's a box for you to type a Field Name (like PastDue; you can't have spaces in your name, at least in Word 97). As soon as you start to type, the Add Field Name button becomes activated and you can click it to add your newly-typed name to the list. Of course, you can also remove field names from the existing list, since it sounds like you don't need these, by clicking the Remove Field Name button.


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