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    Publisher Merge using Access Db (office 2000 orig rel)

    llcokc99 asked this question on 9/8/2001:
    i have ms access and publisher 2000. i have a access db with a combination of individual, company, and foreign addresses. therefore some have contacts while others don;t, some have more address lines than others.
    i can't find a way in Publisher to keep blank lines from printing like you can in word. if there is a way,Please advise.

    i do not know VB so i have tried with a query to do what i call a slide back routine to get all data lines to the front and blank lines to the bottom in a new DB jsut to be used by publisher but have not been able to get that to work. my query statement has been something like:
    iif (contact>"", contact=contact, contact=address1 and address1=" ").
    then i check address 1 and slide address 2 to it if blank.
    can aanyone help me on this if there is no option to keep blank lines from printing in publisher.

    my purpose is to print the address on the newletter and reduce the work required to get the mailing out.


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    Re: Publisher Merge using Access Db (office 2000 orig rel)

    Take the data out of access trimmed, use the label wizard in Access and it will created the trimmed addesses for you or why don't you just print labels out from your Access database, far less hassle.

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