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    This question is about Excel 2000 (9.0.6926 (SP-3)) running under XP SP-3

    I just opened a old database and began making space in it for new data. I added 2 columns and a new top row. Then I noticed that I'd not dated my previous entries. I closed it without saving the changes. I reopened it and went to the "File>Properties" menu, hoping that since I'd saved no changes, it would allow see when I'd previously made entries. The "Modified" and "Accessed" entries both bore today's date. I was surprised to see that the "Created" date was 3/12/08. That is when I put my current PC into service and copied the data onto the new disk drive. I know that it is an older file than that. I then went to the "Statistics" tab and discovered a "Created" date of 27 August 2004 with the "Modified" and "Accessed" retaining today's date.

    I just opened another Excel file and immediately checked "Properties" and confirmed a suspicion. The "Modified" and "Accessed" dates were also today's date. This is pretty useless information, since I already know today's date.

    1) It appears that the Excel programming team pulls the "Created" date from two different sources, depending on which tab under "Properties" you open.

    2) Is there a way to see more revision information on this file? If the "Modified" and "Accessed" dates are immediately updated on opening the file? I think I've read that attorneys doing discovery in a case can learn more than this trivial information.


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    As long as a workbook is open in Excel, its Last Modified property set to the date/time you opened it. If you close the workbook without saving it, the Last Modified property is reset to what it was before the workbook was opened.
    This is rather irritating. If Excel crashes while the workbook is open, the Last Modified property is not reset, so it remains the date/time you opened it.
    Excel is the only (Office) application that does this, as far as I know - Word and PowerPoint don't.

    The Created property in the General tab is the date the current file was created on your hard disk. The Created property in the Statistics tab is the date ther workbook was originally created. These do not necessarily coincide - if the workbook was originally created on another computer, they will be different.
    This also holds for other Office documents.

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