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    In Excel 2007 when I copy a sheet with an embedded chart in the same workbook (or to another workbook), the sheet copies allright but not the chart. Why? Is there a special setting involved?

    Similarly, when I select a block and create an embedded chart from it, if I select the chart, the whole block is nicely indicated with a blue outline. If I now insert a column in the block, and select the chart, the block is not selected any more, individual column are when I click the associated curve in the Chart. Is that correct?

    Any ideas are welcome.

    Regards, Teunis

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    I don't have Excel 2007 so I can't answer your first question.

    About the other one: the same happens in earlier versions of Excel. Inserting a column (if the chart is by columns) will not automatically create a new series, so the source range of the chart becomes non-contiguous.

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