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    Hello again, Colleagues All,
    A friend has asked me to help him with a problem, but I have been unable to come up with an answer.
    He has an Excel spreadsheet - a price list with thumbnail pictures of the products in one column. He would like to extract the thumbnails as pictures (jpg or whatever) to store in a directory. However, whenever we try to cut and paste them, it copies the entire spreadsheet and not just the highlighted picture. We can get the pictures into the clipboard, but when we look at the clipboard actions, the paste is greyed out. Can anyone help, please ?
    Incidentally, the operating system is Vista (shudder). My friend had it installed by a mentor of his who said it was easier to use than XP. Well, that may be so if all you want to do is download iTunes and videos, but for business purposes, it is a real plunker and he wants to revert to XP. perhaps one of you moderators could shift this question into the right forum, if you think it appropriate. In particular my friend would like to know the effects, if any, it will have on his spreadsheets, which are in xlsx format.

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    The xlsx extension means that your friend uses Excel 2007. Office 2007 works on both Windows Vista and Windows XP, so that should not be a problem. But he will need to reinstall Office 2007, like all his software, after removing Windows Vista and reinstalling Windows XP. And he will need to backup all his data before doing so, and restore them afterwards.

    The easiest way to save all pictures to disk is to save the workbook as a .htm file (Office button, Save As..., select Web page (.htm, .html) in the Save as type dropdown).
    Excel will create a subfolder with all the picture files in the folder where the .htm file is saved.

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