New release of this tweaking tool. Download from Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2, a Tweak UI for Windows 7 & Vista | The Windows Club.

From the page above:

Whats new in UWTv2?- Revamped UI similar to Windows 7/Vista UI controls

- Improved: Optmize services, enable/disable services and start/stop as well instantly

- Added on System Information page
+ Version with build no
+ System Rating
+ Computer description

- Added on Personalization page
+ Disable Aero shake
+ Disable Aero Snap
+ Enable Jump lits and nos of jump list items
+ Sorted Startmenu with all Windows 7 items
+ Bing Search replaced Live Search in Custom Start Search
+ Use large icons on Taskbar
+ Disable Aero Peek preview
+ Group when Taskbar full is added

- Added in User Accounts & UAC
+ Welcome screen text and buttons’ effects
+ Set custom background on Welcome screen (OEM Background)

- Added in System Performance page
+ Trackbars’ Tooltip shows actual value in miliseconds
+ Improved "Menu action"
+ Improved "Enable support for 4GB of RAM on 32bit Windows"
+ Disable Windows Security Center service

- Added in Security Settings
+ Disable System Restore settings
+ Disable Change Color and Appearance
+ Disable to skip starting programs by pressing Shift key

- Added on Internet Explorer page
+ Reset IE to factory default button added

- Additional Tweaks
+ Disable Windows Startup sound
+ Disable pagefile (Virtual Memory)
+ Enable Large System cache
+ Delete pagefile during shutdown process

- Minor bugs fixed