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    In order to take advantage of a new industry specific application I've just been upgraded to a new pc with Office 2007.

    So after four days of training on the new software I now get to use it in the new Excel.

    What's the best way to get up to speed on the new version of Excel? It seems that the keystrokes work for most of the commands that I have memorized, but for those that I don't remember I wind up poking around.

    Does XL07 use the personal.xls? I see advanced settings for a startup location and to open the files within.

    Over the years the moderators and members have helped me with bunches of macros, some of which are in personal.xls and some embedded in specific files. Will they all be available in 07?

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    If Office 2007 was installed over Office 2003, Personal.xls will probably still work. (In a new installation, it's Personal.xlsb or Personal.xlsm)
    Many macros created in earlier versions will work, but some may have to be edited.

    See the Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 command reference guide. You can point to an Excel 2003 toolbar button or menu option and find out where to find it in Excel 2007 or how to make it available.

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    A very handy tool is SearchCommands:
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