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    I'm preparing a handout about the Quick Access Toolbar. I added "Tip Wizard 6" to the toolbar, but cannot figure out its purpose. The shortcut tip reads "Commands Not in the Ribbon | Tip Wizard 6 (AutoFormat Changes)." Do you know the purpose of this option?

    There are other feature options that are not obvious as to their purpose. Is there a reference that explains the purpose of each of the feature options?


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    Hi, Diane,

    Funny seeing you here as well as on WordPerfect Universe. It really is a small world!

    I added the icon for Tip Wizard 6 to the QAT and clicked it, but nothing happened. Also ran a Google search and got a couple of limited references to it that weren't particularly helpful.

    I suspect that it's a defunct command that simply never got removed from the program. According to software developers I know, that happens fairly frequently when a new version of a program is released -- for a variety of reasons. (Sometimes removing the coding for a defunct command can break other coding.)

    Not sure where you can find a complete command reference (unless perhaps there's one buried in the Microsoft KB somewhere). Do you need to document all of the commands? If so, maybe you could post a question on the Word Developers' Blog. (Here's a link:

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