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    In January the last British veteran who served in both great (great? who called them that!!) wars, Bill Stone, died at 108 Bill Stone Dies

    Last week, sadly but inevertably the oldest surviving soldier from WW1 died, Henry Allingham at 113, He jokingly attributed his longevity to "cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women". Henry Allingham dies

    Which at 111 paved the way for Harry Patch to take over the mantle of the oldest surviving soldier from WW1, sadly today Harry died

    It makes you wonder, apart from the horrors of war, what these guys saw in their lifetimes

    God rest (smart salute thrown)


    Asking the questions everbody wants the answers too but feels too stupid to ask themselves :-)

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    [quote name='stevehocking' post='786182' date='25-Jul-2009 08:22']It makes you wonder, apart from the horrors of war, what these guys saw in their lifetimes[/quote]
    Amen and R.I.P. for Mr. Patch!

    As you may remember, I spend every day at a veterans nursing home, although there's no one left from that era. But, every once in awhile, I'm able to engage one of the fellas in a conversation about the old days and I wish I could use a tape and record some of their life-experienes. No wonder Roots was such a huge success!

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