(This message has also been posted in Words From On High)

From time to time, people join the Lounge with the sole intention to post advertisements. The moderators and administrators of the Lounge do their best to remove their posts as soon as possible and to ban or remove such users.

Recently, the spammers have started sending advertisements in private messages (PMs) to Loungers. We know about this because they were stupid enough to send such spam PMs to Lounge VIPS. But we obviously don't know to how many others they sent such PMs.

If you receive advertisements in a PM, please send a message to one or more of the administrators (charlotte, Claude, DamianWadley, HansV, Leif, StuartR, TonyJohnston), and mention the name of the sender of the spam PM. That will help us to battle this phenomenon. Thanks in advance!