I am looking to purchase a Bluetooth ear piece becasue I find it so annoying to plug in a big, bulky headset into the microphone in and speaker out jacks of my laptop everything I get a VOIP call or need to listen to something through the earphones or even when I want to listen to music on my Bluetooth-enabled phone. I have been searching on Amazon for some time now because I want to avoid spending 40% more at retailers, but the problem is you can't always tell if what you are going to buy will be compatible with BOTH your Bluetooth enabled computer (in this case, HP DV2840se) and phone (in this case, Blackberry 8310 Curve), and when you are buying from Amazon, most vendors make you pay for the return shipping if it isn't compatible and most don't even refund the shipping for sending it out, so you pretty much have to know that what you are getting is right before you get it.

I was thus wondering if anybody was familiar with any good bluetooth ear pieces that are compatible with streaming sterio music (I am told I need "A2DP") and that is compatible with both computers (with programs such as Skype) and phones that have Bluetooth. I am trying to spend less than $30.

Thank you and I look forward to reading from you.