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    Lists indent from frame, not margin (Word 2000, SP1, Win2K)


    I'm having a problem I can't find documented anywhere. I was modifying a template to use side headers for heading styles 3 and lower. I defined heading 3 to use a text box, oriented on the left, and set a Body Text style to give it enough room. It works great for most of the document I'm writing.

    However, in a couple of places, the side header appears at the same vertical position as a list. Where this happens, the list jumps to the right the width of the text frame. It's as if the list is using the right edge of the frame as the left margin, and indenting appropriately.

    As soon as the list gets below the side header, it moves left to the correct position.

    Has anyone run into this? Is there a fix?

    The problem occurs with both numbered and bulleted lists. I'm using outline lists for both, with each level associated with a style as described on the MVPs site (

    Thanks for your help!

    John Locke

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    Re: Lists indent from frame, not margin (Word 2000, SP1, Win2K)

    Hi John,

    Do you have the text wrapping for the frame set to "None"? (Right-click, Format/Frame)
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    Re: Lists indent from frame, not margin (Word 2000, SP1, Win2K)

    No, the text wrapping is set to "Around". I want the side heading to appear aligned at the top of the paragraph it would otherwise be above, and this setting seems to work--unless the paragraph is a list.

    To put the text in the frame, I used Format->Styles->Heading 2->Modify->Format->Frame. Other frame settings:
    Size: Width Exactly 1.3 " Height Auto
    Horizontal: Position: Left Relative to: Margin Distance from text: 0.13"
    Vertical: Position:0" Relative to: Paragraph Distance from text: 0.13"
    Move with text and Lock Anchor both selected.

    The Body Text style has a left margin of 1.4 ", and most of the other styles are based on Body Text. The list styles are set to appropriate indents that line up fine with the body text, except when there's a heading in the side column.

    I actually tried to send a document based on the template to the board, but even a blank one out of the template was over 100 K. I tried to copy all but the last paragraph into a new document, but now I can't associate the outline numbering to the List Number style--Word crashes every time! I tried running Detect & Repair & rebooting, but it still crashes. Wonder if I found a Word bug--try it by associating an outline numbering list gallery item to a set of standard styles (I used List Number, List Number 2, and List Number 3), then copying text that use those styles into a new document (without copying the last paragraph mark), and then trying to set up the outline numbering again! Crashes for me.


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    Re: Lists indent from frame, not margin (Word 2000, SP1, Win2K)

    Sample file...

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    Re: Lists indent from frame, not margin (Word 2000, SP1, Win2K)

    OK - I've got it work (in O97, let's hope it works the same in O2k); I'm trying to attach your sample file altered to look as you want, but I'm not sure if it will work!

    So I'll tell you what I did, too - basically, instead of indenting all the styles from a margin of about 2.5, you need to move the margin to 7 and set the headings and body text to be outside the margin; I hope my attachment works because it's awfully complicated to explain, otherwise!

    The places I have altered are the paragraph and tabs areas on everything, plus the frame on your sidebar heading.

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    Beryl M

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    Re: Lists indent from frame, not margin (Word 2000, SP1, Win2K)

    Crazy. It works!


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