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    Re: Slow loading

    how much mail do you have saved?

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    Slow loading

    Outlook express takes better than 5 Min. to load (really, I timed it). Microsoft help was no help. Any fixes? I have no mail saved. I seldom save mail. I'm running a Dell 450 w/128 Meg and 14 gig HD storage. I've switched to Eudora and it loads fine.

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    Re: Slow loading

    Do you have Symantec's Norton Anti-virus installed? If I remember correctly, there is a known bug with it that causes that behavior.

    I don't know if the bug applies to other Symantec products as well, such as Norton Utilities.

    You should be able to search on for info on this. But you have to be very patient with their site, as it takes many clicks just to get to the knowledgebase.

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    Re: Slow loading

    Yes. Iwent to symantec knowledgebase which pointed me to two MS papers. Worked through both of these and now OE loads in only 2 min. Now there's a rocket. That mey be all there is. Be glad to try anything else. Meantime I plug alog with Eudora. As good as it is I think OE is a little easer to work with. Thanks

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