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    I have a query that pulls data from four different tables. The specific student information is only listed once in three of the tables. The student may be listed more than once in dbo_tblStudentEvaluation, since they may be receiving more than one service which is current.

    My problem with the results in the query is that it is returning duplicate rows of data when the student has more than on evaluation. I've tried using totals in the query but none of those filter out the data. I've tried the joins in various manners but none of those have worked.

    Is there any way to put in a filter in one of the columns of the query that will only allow it to return [idstudentname] once since this is the unique student number?


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    If a totals query still repeats the student information, there must be at least one field in the query whose data are different for one student. You must either remove those fields from the query or set their Total option to something else than Group By.

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