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    Table Consolidations (Access 2000)

    I have a database currently running in 6 remote locations on stand alone computers. Each
    property has records associated only with that property. Each property is identified by a
    PropertyID number.

    I want to be able to transfer the records in 2 tables to a consolidated database. Each table has a
    key field which is an autonumber field. Each record is uniquely identified by combining the
    property number and the autonumber as a receipt number.

    The purpose of the consolidated database is to be able to run consolidated reports.

    What is the best way to get the records from the individual locations into a consolidated database
    so you don

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    Re: Table Consolidations (Access 2000)

    I won't guarantee that this is the BEST way to do what you want (and I'm sure we'll both hear one way or the other), but I'd suggest using a union query to combine all six property tables. This will work best if all six tables have the same structure. If they don't, then perhaps you can create a query for each that pulls out the information you need for the reports and puts it in a consistent format. Then run the union query on these six queries (or combination of queries and tables) that all have a consistent structure.

    It would probably be easiest just to "start from scratch" each time you build the consolidated table. That is, import (or link to or whatever) the latest version of the six property tables and just report off of the union query result. Alternatively, you could perform a make-table query using the union query as input to create a static consolidated table.

    Hope this helps a little.


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