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    We're trying to create a sub report in an existing report in Access 2000 (Why Access 2000 in 2009-because another application I use has an Access 2000 interface).

    We looked online at Microsoft's help pages and the help page said to
    Open the report in Design View
    Select the Control Wizard tool
    Click on the sub-form tool
    Follow the directions in the wizard dialogue box.

    This all works great except for the wizard, which doesn't appear.

    We've succeeded in making it work once in a remote session with tech support, but I don't want to call them back because technically they don't support this feature (the rep was just being nice).

    Any suggestions?

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    Problems with wizards can have several causes:
    • They might not be installed.
    • The wizard file might be corrupt.
    • The corresponding registry entry might be missing or incorrect.
    So it's difficult to troubleshoot from a distance.

    It's relatively easy, however, to work with subreports without the wizard:
    • Create the report that will act as subreport.
    • Save and close it.
    • Open the report that will act as main report in design view.
    • Arrange the report window and database window so that you can see both.
    • Drag the subreport from the database window onto the main report window and drop it where you want it. You can move it to the correct location after dropping it too.
    • Most probably, Access will automatically set the Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields properties of the subreport control on the main form. If not, you can enter them manually.

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