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    I have 3 columns (of about 20 rows) in an Excel 2007 worksheet (First Name, Last Name, E-mail) and I need to get them into Outlook contacts. Can this be done?

    Also, I want to click in Excel to open Outlook with that contacts name in the TO: field.

    I have the list of participants in Excel, if they do not attend the meeting, I want to send them email from the excel sheet.

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    Make sure that the there is a row with column headers (First Name, Last Name and E-mail) above the data.
    Select the range with the column headers and the data and give it a name, for example Contacts.
    Save the workbook as an Excel 97-2003 workbook (.xls), not as an Excel 2007 workbook (.xlsx). Outlook 2007 stupidly does not support the new format.

    In Outlook, select File | Import and Export...
    Select Import from another program or file, then click Next.
    Select Microsoft Excel, then click Next.
    Click Browse, and select your Excel workbook, then click Next.
    Select Contacts as destination folder, then click Next.
    Click 'Map Custom Fields' to check whether Outlook will correctly interpret the columns, then click OK.
    Finally, click Finish.

    Excel should automatically turn the e-mail adresses into hyperlinks. Clicking such a hyperlink should start an e-mail to that address.

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