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Thread: startup error

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    startup error

    I have a machine with a dual boot for linux and win98. a few days back i was trying to install acrobat 4.0 on the win98. there was some problem towards the end, so i just restarted the machine. since then, the machine gives an error when booting into win98: invalid dynamic call from configuration not correct this, please run wondows set up again'. i didn't know what it was...and i foolishly ran the windows setup again. at the end of it, the same problem remained as it is. but to make things worse, i can no more boot into linux. the option i used to get for booting into either is now gone. the machine boots into only win98, while half the harddisk is used up actually by linux, and it still gives that error...

    can somebody tell me how to clean this up??

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    Re: startup error

    Windows setup overwrites the boot sector, which is what caused this to happen. You can do one of two things:

    1) Re-run the Linux installation, which should reverse it. You didn't specify which distribution of Linux you are using, so if this doesn't work reply with that information and one of the louge lizards may be familiar with that build.

    2) Boot into DOS with a floppy, and perform FDISK /MBR. This is used to restore the boot sector from a LILO Linux boot, so I don't know if it would work in reverse (the command is undocumented).

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    Re: startup error

    You should still be able to boot to Linux using the Linux boot floppy.

    The FDISK /MBR procedure will not work to restore LILO.

    Repair is possible but depends to some extent on your Linux distribution. See <A target="_blank" HREF=>here</A> for one possible procedure.

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